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NEW Product! FRO-OUT™


Fall is here and the Fro-Out is our newest addition to the textured straight collection. It is the straightened version of the Mongolian Kinky Curly textures and is the must-have essential to rock this season!

This hair helps deliver a healthy-looking Dominican blowout or stretched hair look with movement. It’s 100% full cuticle, lightweight, low lustre, and is the perfect low maintenance go-to style. It’s the ideal product for those who do not want to damage their curly hair products with the over usage of heat.

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ONYC Hair Fro Out

ONYC Fro-Out – (2) 12″ bundles and (1) Small 12-14″ closure

ONYC Hair Fro Out

ONYC Fro-Out – (2) 12″ bundles and (1) Small 12-14″ closure

Fro Out-Roller Set

ONYC Fro-Out – (3) 22″ bundles and (1) Large 14-16″ closure

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2014 Fall Hair Trends

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Installation Guide For Kinky Curly Hair

We believe in professionalism, so we encourage getting a professional to do your installation. Ensure that your stylist has great knowledge of both weaving and kinky curly hair. You’re welcome by all means to do it yourself, but refer to our guideline below:


This is double weft; it is single sealed for easy weft splitting!  This means that, once you split the weft, it will compromise the integrity of the weft so you are required to double seal the weft for reinforcement. To ensure a strong reinforcement, try Seal-a-Weave™, a weft sealant made specifically for the hair weave.

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