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At the moment I’m wearing your Mongolian tight kinky curly and I’m very pleased with it. I’m at my second install at the moment and it as still as lovely as it was on the first day.
Recently, I was looking for a new hairstyle a looked at the internet for inspiration. I found this picture of Kenya Summer Moore and I would like my next hairstyle to look like this. I would like to purchase the hair from ONYC again and I was hoping you could tell me with what kind of hair (type, length, etc.) I could use to achieve this hairstyle. I hope you can help me, but would to thank you for your time in advance.
Best wishes,


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Feather hair extensions causing controversy

A fashion trend has fly fishermen fuming across the country: Feather hair extensions.

Rooster feathers meant to be used to lure in fish are being fastened on locks of hair on women of all ages. Hair dressers are buying out the supplies at tackle shops driving up the price so much, some fishermen won’t buy them.

From pre-teens to housewives, women are flocking to salons to get feather hair extensions, but do they know what they are putting in their hair?

Thanks to fashion forward rocker, Steven Tyler, the look is more popular than ever.

“I want those feathers like Steven Tyler has,” said Jack Hagan, one of the owners of Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters.

Hagan said girls started coming in about two years ago buying all the colorful saddles of rooster feathers, causing the demand to exceed the supply, driving up the price over the past 18 months by 200 percent.

At Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters the shelves are bare. Hagan said the hair industry wiped them out.

“The price is obscene absolutely obscene,” said Hagan.

“There are a lot of four letter words dropped on occasion, especially when they see the price tag on feathers now. It’s culture shock for us,” Hagan said.

The feathers are ideal for fly fisherman because they look like bugs and they are buoyant.

“Fly tiers aren’t buying them at all right now,” said Jason Osborn, a fishing guide.

“They are waiting for the fad to end. Some of them are disgusted, others get a laugh out of it,” said Osborn.

Beyond the fly fishing industry, the fad is ruffling feathers for a different reason. Roosters are being raised in battery cage warehouses, slaughtered for their feathers, but because of strict U.S.D.A. regulations their meat cannot be used.

At Studio Thirty in Northeast Portland, an eco-friendly salon, stylists are offering an alternative: hair colored to look like a rooster feather.

“We are trying to make the fad last longer with human hair so you are not using animal products to do it,” said Jenny Kilcoyne, a hair stylist.

Kilcoyne said she thinks this is the solution that will satisfy fishermen and fashionistas.

Achieve 3 Jessica Simpson Looks


These are tips provided by our expert in house stylist on how to achieve three Jessica Simpson (Height 5’3)  looks. Note that this is a reference, your individual style depends and varies based on your height.


#1 American Rodeo

Our Mongolian Light Relax, Mongolian Virgin 1B, or Indian Body Wavy 2A. (Lengths 16″-18″) will be perfect for this look.

Tips: To maintain a natural layered look use the same length of hair.  Ask your stylist to give you a medium cut layered swoop in the front to have that soft romantic look. Once you wash it, scrunch it up, and let it air dry.

Alternatively you can set it in Jumbo Rollers, or try our ultimate diffuser

#2 American Pin Up

For was and go style, achieve this look using our Indian Wavy 2B-2C (Lengths 14″-16″). Alternatively, with a medium roller set you can achieve this look using our Mongolian Light Relax, Mongolian Virgin 1B, or Indian Body 2A .

Tips: To maintain a natural layered look use the same length of hair.  In contrast to the first look your stylist must maintain the same length on the frame and sides. Finish it off with a dime sized squeeze of our Demorin Smoothing Serum after your conditioner wash. Use the Ultimate Diffuser to define the luscious waves.


#3 American Romanticism

Our  Mongolian Relaxed Perm, Light Relaxed Perm, or Mongolian Virgin. (Lengths 12″-14″)

Tips: Don’t be stingy allow your stylists to do their job, you’re going to loose some inches trying to achieve this look!  Ask your stylist to give you an all around layered look. This is best achieved using a razor for a layered cut to have natural ends.

Visit our site at for a listing of all these products.

Mongolian Kinky Curly- Up Close and Personal

Our Mongolian Kinky Curly has been the hottest product for the summer. We know you’re ready to see the kinky live,so to get up close and personal
with the 1 million strands of luscious curls, check out this quick video.

Also, after numerous customer requests for longer lengths you can now order 22” and 24” directly on our website and your order will be shipped
within 24 hours! So for all you on-the-go length lovers we hope this addition will help quench your desire.

CEO Thelma Rocks the 3B-3C Curls!


CEO of ONYC Thelma Okoro decided to take time out of her busy schedule toget up close and personal with her 3B-3C Kinky Curly curls. Inspired by customers testimonials and wonderful images she stated, “It’s been so busy but all of these wonderful ladies have made me want to stop what I’m doing and try some of my very own!”

Check out more pics inside the deets. The Mongolian Kinky Curly hair can be purchased at

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