ONYC® Contest Update: Meet Our WINNERS


Congratulations to our FREE Hair Contest WINNERS.

After 6 long weeks, the contestants drilled through and 3 victors have emerged.

Therefore today we would like to acknowledge:

Grand Prize Winner: Ebony Stennis

1st Runner Up: D’Mora Williams

2nd Runner Up: Nattash Sully

A Round of Applause to these 3 Ladies!

We would like to thank Everyone who participated and to those who cheered them on as well.

It was a pleasure working with all involved and we look forward to doing this with you again!


ONYC® Contest Update: Week 6 – 5 Finalists Chosen to End Phase 1


We have concluded Week 6 of the ONYC® FREE Hair Contest.

30 Lucky individuals have now been selected to move on to the next Phase, where they will have an opportunity to win FREE Hair from ONYC®.

Phase 2 will begin very soon!

Complete instructions detailing the next steps for Phase 2 will posted on our website, and social media platforms in the not too distant future.

Congratulations to ALL our Finalists. We wish you loads of luck for the next half of the Contest. Do not shrink back, but forge ahead to victory!

Curl Addiction™ 3B Diffused Look

Curly Addiction™ 3B Curl Maintanence Tips

(To achieve the model’s look, use our Ultimate Diffuser.)

Curly hair, apart from looking beautiful and sexy, takes some extra effort to keep them tamed. It can become dry and damaged, especially if unsuitable products are used. Even something as basic as the shampoo can make a huge difference to the condition of the hair. The best shampoos are often those with natural ingredients, however, organic products can be expensive, so others may choose to use more mainstream products.

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