ONYC Hair Reviews: Shayla S.

This week we have the pleasure of featuring Shayla! The ONYC beauty was excited to share her entire ONYC experience with us. We will let you get the facts straight from Shayla below:

ONYC® Status
ONYC® Grad

 Hair Specs
12″ ONYC® Tight Kinky Curly 3C-4A

How often hair is washed?
Once every few weeks


Favorite way to wear the hair?
Styled differently

Why do you love this hair?
Beautiful gorgeous hair that LASTS. I love everything about ONYC’s Kinky Curly!

What do you say to individuals considering purchasing this hair?

It is DEFINITELY worth the price. This is my second time buying Kinky Curly a hair in three years. It last very long and it gives my natural hair a rest. I’ve installed the same hair multiple times and I can assure that you will get a bang for your buck.


Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair?
Detangle! It definitely is JUST like African American hair and you cannot go long without detangling it. Co-Washing allows it to detangle easy so it is not a problem.

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