ONYC Brazilian 3B Deep Curl

ONYC® Brazilian Hair Ordering 101

One of the most commonly asked questions we have been receiving lately is about our Brazilian hair. Yes, yes, yes, we are very aware of how beautifully displayed it is on the site, but this beauty like many things in life are not always easily accessible. As you all know, for the moment it is not available and we do not have a tentative date in mind. What we do know is, when it does become available we will announce it via all platforms and it will only be available to existing customers. Read through on why we have decided to revamp our ordering process of the Brazilian hair.

Before you dive into asking any company about any of their products below are a few tips and considerations to keep in mind.

Ask yourself, “Why do I really want Brazilian hair?”

It’s always important to ask yourself why you desire something to reflect on if your intentions to have it are reasonable. If you gave yourself a generic answer like, “I like how it feels and bounces, it’s so light…” or “I just want to try something different” then we regret to inform you that ONYC® is not the best place to inquire about purchasing Brazilian hair. Not to down play all of these wonderful and honest reasons, but they will not suffice and to be honest…there are other alternative products that can give you the “bounce, lightness, and texture” you are looking for. Not to mention, at a more reasonable and affordable price. If you are looking for something “different” what is this exact “difference” that you desire and believe ONYC Brazilian hair will help you have? Be honest, if you think there will be less maintenance or less of anything you are currently experiencing with our existing products, that is incorrect. You will really want to master and figure out what is going on with your current product before you can advance yourself to “Virgin Brazilian Hair”. This is because, it is virgin hair and unlike processed hair problems can be magnified with this high grade of hair. Without the proper training and experience to take care of this hair unless you have this type of hair naturally, you’ll be DOOMED stepping into the world of our Luxury Ultima™ Brazilian Virgin Hair

“I read about it everywhere, It’s rare so must be great” Try to be a leader and not purchase what works or looks beautiful on someone else. Find and stick with what is suitable for you and your needs. If you’re a low maintenance type of gal, then stick with low maintenance. If you don’t mind spending hours in the mirror to perfect your look, then continue your dis-inhibiting buyer habits with those products.  Virgin Brazilian Hair is rare because it’s virgin which means it is not processed at all.  Does this means it is the best hair?  To be honest, the answer is no to our opinion but it is up for you to debate.

“It seems to blend better with my Ethnic Hair”-This is where you missed the point.  Brazilian hair varies so much in different texture and Luster. Some textures like “Baby Fine Texture” or “Coarse Texture” that will blend with ethnic hair are very rare.  Combination of this with some curl pattern like Brazilian Virgin kinky 3B-3C and 3C-4A it becomes even rarer!   To let you know how rare, in a year we will have about 5 pouches of the 3C-4A just enough for two people and 10 pouches of the 3B-3C, barely enough for 5 people. Who wants to wait that long?

Our popular Mongolian Kinky was inspired by the virgin Brazilian Kinky curl hair.  We saw the huge demand for a Naturally looking  Kinky Curl hair without the much long wait.  Even with that, we’re still struggling to meet the demand due to the fact that the Mongolian Kinky curl pattern is achieved by duplicating the natural curl pattern, to achieve this it has to be manually tied on the curling rod by a human being creating curl pattern going in different direct unlike the rest of the company that offers a uniform curl pattern.  There is nothing like  it,  it is the best you can get close to the real thing.

To be honest, this hair is much easier to maintain than the Brazilian Virgin Kinky.

Be wise and do your research…If  a company claims they have some of the textures readily available, we GUARANTEE you it’s processed. We’ve had dishonest customers buy our Mongolian kinky and try to resell it as Brazilian Virgin to unsuspecting buyers.

Brazilian hair is different because….

It varies from our Mongolian and Indian hair, by its ability to have a customized texture and luster. Texture is the feel of the hair on a spectrum (ie silkiest hair to coarsest hair 3b type). Luster is the level of shine on hair (ie very shiny or very dull). A silky and shiny hair combination is what most Caucasian and Asian textures hold while coarse and dull is carried by African American textured hair. So with Brazilian hair, you have the option of possibly getting a wide range of these combo sets due to their backgrounds. This ability does not mean that it is better than other hair we provide like the Indian or Mongolian hair because on their own merit they can provide either or.

Indian hair vs. Brazilian hair

Indian hair is different from Brazilian hair because it does not offer much variety. Most Indian hair has thinner diameter hair with medium to high luster. It is the same as the Brazilian hair when it comes to your ability to select a texture you want. For instance, you can purchase our Body 2A patterns all the way up to Curly 3A with both types of hair. They both are PURE virgin in hair grade. At times this can mean, once you order, decide you love it, and want to order it again, you might request for the exact same item but this may not always be possible. This is because Virgin hair comes from real donors and much like a fingerprint; no two heads with hair follicles are the same. We can try our best to find you something similar but virgin products always possess different characteristics. This is not a bad thing, in fact that is one little secret that lets you know the hair is virgin. So if you ever shop with another company and want virgin hair, ask them “will the hair ALWAYS come the same way?” If the answer is yes, then they are not being honest.  Finally when it comes to availability, our beautiful Indian hair is available, in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Mongolian hair vs. Brazilian hair

The Mongolian hair might be viewed as “Brazilian Hair Lover’s” savior. Mongolian hair at ONYC® was provided to combat the rarity of what you cannot readily have available with the Brazilian hair. Many customers love our most popular products of the Mongolian Kinky Curly patterns which as a matter of fact a rendition of the Virgin Brazilian Kinky Curly hair.  The replication has been by far the best and you can barely tell the difference, while saving yourself quite a bit of change .  The Mongolian Kinky is actually easier to maintain than the virgin Brazilian Kinky and at a fraction of what you would buy the Virgin Brazilian Kinky!

Still providing what’s natural, the Mongolian hair comes in a Virgin 1B form (silkier with a slight wave) and mostly worn by Caucasian textured hair. The Mongolian hair relaxed perms (light relaxed and relaxed perm) were made to replicate Relaxed African American textured hair. If you have ever wanted the same consistency over and over again then these line of products are for you. Remember with Brazilian hair, once you order an item you love, you might not always get the same thing during your next order. On the other hand, the Mongolian hair is readily available for shipment in 24 hours, and you can guarantee the consistency of the 100% Full Cuticle beauty

How will the ordering process change…?

The Brazilian hair ordering process used to involve a custom order form that any interested customer could fill out, and select what attributes they wanted their hair to have. They would then wait for us to email them back with a lengthy wait date, and a possibility of us letting them know that their selection was not even available. Can you imagine filling out a form only to be told, “Dear Valued Customer, the item you have selected in not available”. That can be very frustrating for anyone and so we’ve decided to change that process.

We have decided to sort through all of the hair first, allocate the ounces that are available for purchase, and list what is available on our site for existing customers to select and purchase.

As mentioned previously, once it becomes available we will announce it (no there is not a tentative date in mind), and it will only be made for existing customers. This is because of how rare the hair is. The Indian hair and Mongolian hair are great starters from anyone interested in knowing what ONYC® Hair is all about as a company. These are great lines to start practicing with before you dive into the Brazilian hair. Between the Indian and Mongolian hair you can get what you are looking for from straight all the way up to Kinky hair. So do not be afraid to explore. Also, we want to ensure we are building a great relationship with you before you make such a huge purchase.

So save yourself from asking when it will be available because trust that we will make announcements no one will miss. Aside from that, if you have not tried our other products please start their first.

Please let us know if this was helpful.