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Facts you should know about ONYC HAIR

Curious about why many choose ONYC Hair?

More than the positive ONYC Hair reviews that you see online and hear from your friends, we’re convinced that the factors below explain why our clientele grows in number every day.

1. ONYC Hair is founded by a passionate hair and beauty expert who also has extensive knowledge and training in microbiology and cosmetic beauty.

Hair Stylist - Thelma Okoro

Thelma Okoro grew up in Nigeria and had early exposure in cosmetic beauty as their family runs three beauty salons.

As such, she has the experience necessary to get a keen eye for beauty. No wonder she found herself passionate about the hair industry. She used her microbiology degree to understand hair’s natural structure and the effects of chemicals on hair. Thelma Okoro likewise applied her Helia D. and Spectrum Beauty education to run ONYC Hair and make it the leading hair extensions manufacturer in the U.S.

2. ONYC Hair produces the finest 100% pure Cuticle Virgin Remy Hair.

Cuticle Virgin Remy Hair

Because our founder is equipped with knowledge, experience and expertise, you are assured that ONYC Hair Extensions and products are of the highest quality.

We only use 100% pure cuticle virgin hair to create hair extensions. Our virgin remy hair products are certainly of topnotch quality, too. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best products and services. Our conscientiousness is what sets us apart from other brands. We make sure that we get authentic 100% pure cuticle virgin hair so that we can provide you with Virgin and Remy hair extensions that feel and look just like your very own hair.

3. ONYC sources raw hair from Brazil, India, Southeast Asia and Mongolia.

ONYC Sources Raw hair

Brazilian hair is very hard to find and expensive; most hair donors in Brazil are from small rural areas. Brazilian hair may be :-

a.) Very fine and silky straight.

b.) Thicker and slightly wavy.

c.) Coarse, Curly and Thick sourced from the Afro-Caribbean population of Brazil.

Indian hair, on the other hand, are shiny and sleek straight and are typically thick and coarse. Hair from Southeast Asia may include healthy and resilient Burmese hair, dark and naturally wavy Malaysian hair, or the thick-strand Vietnamese hair. The very rare and costly Mongolian hair features fine hair strands. ONYC Hair makes every effort to scour different virgin hair markets for quality hair. It is our commitment to provide our clients with hair that can truly enhance their look.

4. ONYC Hair is for women of all color.

Hair Color

ONYC Hair showcases a variety of hair extensions in different textures and colors. Whether you’re a fair-skinned Asian with long, black, pin-straight hair, or you have the lustrous European hair, or you’re crowned with deep black, full, kinky hair, we have hair extension products that will suit you. From blondies, to golden-skinned women, to black beauties, ONYC Hair has the perfect hair extension to offer.

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