Customer Raves: Natasha Stovall Is In Love with Her ONYC® Hair

Amongst all the things that keep her busy, Natasha Stovall  took the time to tell us just how much she is appreciative for, and in love with her ONYC® Hair. To add to that, she has chosen to join the cause and walk with ONYC® on Saturday, October 20th in Washington, DC as we strive to raise breast cancer awareness and funds for further research of a cure.

Below is word for word, what the philanthropist had to say to us about her ONYC® Hair experience:

“ONYC is truly a leader when it comes to providing hair extensions that blend effortlessly with kinky, curly, wavy and relaxed hair.  I have had to convince people, including my own mother that I am wearing hair extensions, they won’t believe me otherwise.  This is exactly what customers like myself want when we look to lengthen our our hair: superior products, durability and a natural appearance  When I get the “itch” to change my look or wear a protective style, ONYC is my only choice!”

In the picture above Natasha is sitting pretty with the ONYC® natural textured Kinky Curly 3C-4A.

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