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Customer Raves: Melissa Smith Shares her “OMG” Moment

Affectionately bubbly, yet “repeated-offender” Melissa Smith enthusiastically shared with the ONYC team just how much she is enamored with her ONYC® hair. She even vowed to be committed for life. According to her, there is simply nowhere else to go.

See for yourself what she conveyed;

“Omg, I Love my ONYC hair! This Curly Addiction 3B™ has me looking like a Samba Senorita! And, the ONYC® Diffuser I got created perfect soft curly ringlets. I am too excited! ONYC® is the only hair that I use repeatedly, and a variety of. It feels like my own hair and is trouble-free to manage! The customer service is also impeccable! I am thoroughly satisfied!”

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