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Customer Raves!: Malecka Lele shares her Love, Love, Love for ONYC® Hair

Meet Malecka Lele. This vivacious and fun-loving young woman couldn’t wait to get the message over to us about just how much she is crazy about her ONYC® Hair. Malecka adorned  her  Mongolian Body 2 Wavy hair quite beautifully and displayed it’s versatility and flare. She showcased how adapting the hair to who you are can add to one’s image and lifestyle.

Read below for a quote from Malecka about her gratifying ONYC® Hair experience:

Malecka Lele: I installed ONYC® Mongolian Body 2 Wavy about SIX weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair. It’s very easy to maintain. Some days i do not do anything to it but just comb through and it always has a nice wave like the Kardashian’s hair. I get it washed and set by the Dominicans every two weeks. This hair is just like your own so i treat it like my own which means i use good hair products. I’m currently on my second install and it is as when i first received it. ONYC is definitely worth the price.

In the picture-montage, above, Malecka enthusiastically demonstrates the attractively diverse ways in which She Rocks her ONYC® stylish Mongolian Body 2 Wavy hair.

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