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Customer Rave: Tressie Nicole & ONYC® – A Match Made in Heaven!


This week’s Customer Rave comes to us from “The City of Angles” – Los Angeles, CA – Tressie Nicole.

Tressie is very familiar with a beautiful presentation! As an actress and filmmaker, she knows that aesthetics serve as a beneficial tool to draw and retain audiences, among other things.  She also understands the need for a beautiful look which is a seamless match with one’s own hair texture, and simple to manage. To attain all these things, Tressie chose ONYC® hair!

Tressie had already been spreading the word among her peers about her ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C hair, and was extremely willing to share her affection with all of you! See, her entire story below to learn why Tressie believes ONYC® hair supercedes the nomination and wins the star award!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

ONYC® Status: ONYC®  Grad

Hair Specs:   ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C 16′, 18′

Installed by: I did it myself.

How often hair is washed: Once a week

Favorite way to wear the hair: I love to wear it in its original state!…It’s a seamless match to my natural hair.

Duration of wear: 3 months


Must have ONYC® Hair Essential: I look forward to using the  DEMORIN™ Smoothing Serum to keep my locks moist.

Why do you love this hair: Once again the ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C  matches my hair perfectly!!! As a result, it allows me to have the length, luscious volume and aesthetic I want.

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: Use a no-sulfate and lather poo. Comb hair once a week to avoid severe tangling.

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future: I will stick with the  
ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C


You can be like Tressie and fall in love with hair that blends in, and complements, just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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