Treating Your “Weekend-Fun” Hair….

Finally!…The weekend is here! HooRay!! ….For some of you that means a good book, a movie or just pure rest. However for others you have extensive and active plans, from running errands to getting your “groove” on…perhaps the Wobble?

Well if you are one of those party-goers maintaining your hair extensions from one casual activity to a more elaborate one can be a bit tricky, even laborious. Therefore we have a few tips for you to take care of your hair extensions during the fun weekend activities.

One of the most important factors to great hair care is to purchase high quality hair extensions. Cheaper hair tangles more easily and perspiration from joyous motion can only cause more difficulty. Of course you’re thinking; “What if I can’t afford it”. Well be mindful that this is an investment in your hair care, image and sense of pride. As a result, just like any other investment it would be advisable to save a small amount at a time in order to get the standard of hair that you deserve. Hair that will work well with an enjoyable lifestyle and less troublesome to maintain. Note the Curly Addiction 3B being worn by our model above, while she’s out for a good time, in the city.

Secondly let’s talk about those Edges! I know for a fact that working tirelessly to monitor edges, to ensure that they blend with the hair is tiresome and almost a full-time job.  Additionally using lots of heat to blend your hair is not healthy. We recommend that you seek an outstanding edge controller. However we sincerely advise that you purchase our one-of-a kind frontal closures. Our CEO, as an experienced hair stylist herself, actually invented them. The closures that we possess are not like the others on the market. How-you ask? Well, the ONYC® Hair Frontal Closures actually protect the hair and are beneficial for helping give the front of your hair some rest from heat/product damage. Your interest is peaked, Huh? To learn more and to answer many of your questions about the unique closures visit Here!

Thirdly, after a “Rocking and Rolling” Weekend be sure to Wash Your Hair! Although this is obvious it is still critical! To prevent extreme dirt and sweat build-up it’s important to shampoo and condition your hair following each physical activity. This is important for allowing access to your scalp and your own hair to breathe. It is also helpful to track the length of time that the hair extensions are kept in, as to give your actual hair a full washing sooner than later.

Finally, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize….Be sure to moisturize your braids and hair underneath your weave. With a horizontal braid pattern you can have easy access to your scalp. Also, spray on a little braid spray activator on your braids. This will assist the itching as well.

So there you have it! All the tips that you need to go forth and have an entirely Exciting weekend and still Keep It Fierce!


Examples ONYC® Hair Frontal Closures














Kinky Curly Hair Saved by The Ultimate Detangler Brush!

First you fell in Love with the ONYC® Kinky Curly hair. Then you did your research and asked all the right questions, about maintenance and upkeep.
We listened and here it is!… ONYC® Hair International announces The Ultimate Detangler!
The new ONYC® Ultimate Detangler will successfully allow you to manage thick, curly, wavy and kinky hair textures. It also works marvelously with long hair lengths. This tool – and long hair essential – possesses anti-static nylon bristles that smooths out kinks and reduces static. Additionally when used in tandem with your blow-dryer, the ONYC® Ultimate Detangler creates a groomed and sleek look.

To obtain this vital tool, visit and get The Ultimate Detangler at a low-introductory price, until September 30th. We except that these brushes will go quickly. Therefore we urge you to get your own today.


Hair Tool of the Week: Flat Irons for Your Budget & Hair Type

Ok, so you have a flat iron that may be a year old or so. Is it hanging by the hinges; missing the power of the heat like when you first got it? Are you wrapping the cord around the iron after finishing you hair; do not do that, it will damage the wires. Have you dropped it several times?  Then maybe, you should consider getting a new one and a protein treatment just to keep you lasting long.
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Hair Tool of the Week: Nicole Ari Parker’s “Save Your Do” Gymwrap

We heard about this months ago when she first released the product. It is clever to hold your hair down with something other than a scarf, which leaves indentations, or a headband, which is probably creating a tangle in your ONYC Hair weaves. Who has the time to worry about that when you can not wear your sleeping hair wrap to the gym. think about it, it is like wearing your pajamas outside, getting them dirty and sleeping in them. That’s just a bad combo and a prescription for forehead pimples.

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Look of the Weekend: A Braid


Whether it is to the side, straight down the back or going whichever way it wants to go, you should give braids a try. Just because it isn’t what you want to see on your guy, doesn’t make it off limits for you. Check out some styles we think you should explore, it may not be a trend for the guys to venture back to, you may make it a usual. Go out on a date or lay on the beach, either way, look good doing it.


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Hair Tool of the Week: Capes

Usually when you enter a salon, they place a cape on you to protect your clothing from getting hair all on it. Why not have one at home? It is perfect for blocking the hair that comes out when styling your hair, when you are dressed or not, but also when you are applying make up. If you are in a rush and want to hurry by putting on your outfit, but don’t want to get it messed up, because you did just buy it for tonight, wear that helpful cape.

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