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Our clip-ins are perfect for creating instant length, highlights, or lowlights. Made with our amazing textures, these clip-ins can be curled, straightened or used with any thermal styling tool to blend perfectly with any style you desire.
Available in 7 textures, these clip-ins have been created to work for anyone!


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[VIDEO] Fro-Out Straightened!

The Fro-Out has received great responses for its ability to provide a naturally straightened and textured look. Since many of you have asked about what it looks like straight, Ashley helped show how far you can take it with an even sleeker look. After straightening it, the results are incredible! It ended up looking and moving like a combination of the relaxed perm textures. It’s clear that this is a texture that provides endless options. Be on the look out for more styles in the future!



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Fro Out-Roller Set2

NEW Product! FRO-OUT™


Fall is here and the Fro-Out is our newest addition to the textured straight collection. It is the straightened version of the Mongolian Kinky Curly textures and is the must-have essential to rock this season!

This hair helps deliver a healthy-looking Dominican blowout or stretched hair look with movement. It’s 100% full cuticle, lightweight, low lustre, and is the perfect low maintenance go-to style. It’s the ideal product for those who do not want to damage their curly hair products with the over usage of heat.

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Fro Out-Perm-Light Perm2

ONYC Hair Fro Out

ONYC Fro-Out – (2) 12″ bundles and (1) Small 12-14″ closure

ONYC Hair Fro Out

ONYC Fro-Out – (2) 12″ bundles and (1) Small 12-14″ closure

Fro Out-Roller Set

ONYC Fro-Out – (3) 22″ bundles and (1) Large 14-16″ closure

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2014 Fall Hair Trends


New beauty trend? Heists of costly hair extensions

West Houston store one of four burglarized for item in recent days

Don Hilliard’s west Houston store has nine surveillance cameras, a motion detector, bars on his windows and other security measures.

You’d think he was protecting precious jewels or luxury cars. His business on Westheimer actually just sells beauty products, though one of the items has beem deemed a high-value target for thieves: hair extensions.

Despite the security efforts, thieves on Thursday stole what Hilliard estimates to be $10,000 worth of hair extensions.

Hilliard’s store is one of four businesses selling extensions in Houston burglarized in a little more than a week. In this recent upswing of the thefts, stores are losing thousands of dollars in merchandise. Hair extensions can cost up to $180 per bag. The hair with the hefty tag, professionals say, is an extension made from real human hair with the cuticles intact. The locks last longer and look more natural.

One recent hair heist netted $40,000 of merchandise – and that store has been robbed six times. And it’s not just a simple shoplifter stuffing a purse with the product: The weave thieves sometimes move in packs, burglarizing businesses in groups of upwards of eight.

“It looks like it’s starting to escalate again, so we’re going to take another good look at it,” Houston police Sgt. Frank Quinn said about the recent trend.

Houston dealt with surges of hair extension thefts in 2012. Quinn said thieves often sell the stolen goods out of the trunks of cars. Others hawk them online.

High-end theft

The afternoon following his robbery Hilliard walked to the back of his Brashae’s Beauty Supply store, past rows of hair products and extensions, and pulled away a piece of plywood to reveal a small hole in the drywall. Early that morning, two men broke into his business by busting the lock of the empty building next door and cutting a hole in the adjoining wall. Entering through the opening, the men then crawled on the floor and filled trash bags with hair extensions.

Don Hilliard looks through a hole burglars cut into the wall of Brashae's Beauty Supply.

Cody Duty, Staff

Don Hilliard looks through a hole burglars cut into the wall of Brashae’s Beauty Supply.

Hilliard said Thursday was the fourth time his Westheimer store had been hit.

“If they want it, they’re gonna get it,” he said.

But now he’s had enough. He is going to stop selling high-quality extensions at that location because they are the real draw for hair thieves.

“That’s all they took was high-end,” he said, gesturing to the empty hooks where the extensions used to hang.

Quinn said thieves probably latch onto hair theft because they know they can get in and out quickly.

“It’s easy to handle, and it’s easy to get away with,” he said.

Don Hilliard said he is going to stop selling high-quality extensions at the Westheimer location of his Brashae's Beauty Supply store after it was hit by burglars Thursday for the fourth time since its opening. "Is the world becoming so materialistic that you have to break in just to steal a pack of hair?" he asked.

Cody Duty, Staff

Don Hilliard said he is going to stop selling high-quality extensions at the Westheimer location of his Brashae’s Beauty Supply store after it was hit by burglars Thursday for the fourth time since its opening. “Is the world becoming so materialistic that you have to break in just to steal a pack of hair?” he asked.

At 2 a.m. July 30, hair extensions and cash were stolen from Beauty Sensation at Beechnut in southwest Houston. Security camera footage showed as many as eight suspects in two white Ford F-250s descending on the store.

‘Already gone’

One of the trucks backed into the storefront at a high speed in reverse, crashing through the door, according to authorities.

The thieves threw items into the bed of the truck, including more than 200 hair extensions, said John Cannon, spokesman for the Houston Police Department.

The action was over quickly, said Ronecia Pierre, manager of the Beechnut location, but the suspects still did a lot of damage.

“They weren’t in there maybe but two minutes, and by the time we got there they were already gone,” said Deneen Jacobs, general manager for both locations of the beauty shop.

Hours of cleanup

Pierre said there was hair, glass and chemicals all over the floor, requiring hours of cleanup. She arrived at the store a couple of hours after everyone started cleaning, but it still was “a disaster.”

Beauty Sensation had been robbed one time before, about four years ago, Jacobs said. After threatening people with a gun, the thieves just took a few purses from customers and left, Jacobs said.

This time, Jacobs estimated that $40,000 to $50,000 in cash and merchandise was taken.

Then suspects stole about $40,000 worth of merchandise on Saturday from K Y Fashion using a similar technique, said owner Woong Kang.

A car described as a white Dodge Dakota truck backed into the front of the shop at West Mount Houston in north Houston, Cannon said. Kang said damages to his store will cost him almost $20,000. The shop has been robbed six times, Kang said.

And the day before the burglary at Brashae’s, Sense Beauty Supply at Veterans Memorial in north Houston was hit.

Multiple suspects broke in through the rear of the store and stole hair extensions and wigs, Cannon said. The size of a large, gaping hole in the brick wall at the store indicates a vehicle was used to gain entry.

Hair supply store owners said they are tired of the stealing. Hilliard, owner of Brashae’s, said criminals should check the classifieds and get a job instead of selling his stuff.

“Is the world becoming so materialistic that you have to break in just to steal a pack of hair?” Hilliard said.

via: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-newsHairy-situations-5675816.php

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For eight years we have been offering up a bevy of beauty products for the ethnic market that provide quality and longevity. Our textured straightwavycurly, and kinky textures have garnered a serious cult following so, we believe that the quality we provide under our textured products should also be extended to those with silkier textures and brighter hues.

With that said, we introduce you to the Euro-Collection! This collection offers the perfect hair texture and quality to match most European hair.  It can be purchased in the form of I Tips, Clip-Ins or double wefts and color hues come in natural black, #2, #27 (strawberry blonde) and #613 (platinum blonde). Like the rest of our products, this collection is 100% full cuticle, can be washed, conditioned, blow dried, flat-ironed, curled and colored just like real hair without severe deterioration over time. With proper care and attention, you’ll get the best value for your money!

Texture Options: Straight and Wavy Clip-Ins, Straight and Wavy I-Tips, Straight and Wavy Wefts

Length Options:  14″-26″

Color Options: Natural Black, #2, #27 (strawberry blonde) and #613 (platinum blonde)

To order this product and it’s accompanying accessories follow this link: www.onychair.com

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The weather is not letting up anytime soon with almost 2 months left before the first day of spring! While you wait it out how about  one of these beautiful protective styles to get your tresses through the cold weather.


This stylish updo comes courtesy of Nappturally Chic Jere via Curly Nikki.



These Milkmaid Twists by Mohagany Curls is adorable and easy to accomplish. We have a perfect hair texture coming out that is perfect for this style but you have to wait until the announcement!



ONYC® Hair’s lovely CEO, Thelma Okoro is letting her Relaxed Straight do the talking for her this winter! Black Hair Media discusses the benefits of using natural hair extensions as a great protective style alternative.


We love these styles but we know there are more styles out there! Send them to us yours as part of our Customer Rave and we will feature you on our new and improved site!


Ok, Ok We Heard You! – Here Comes ONYC® Colored Hair

Ok, Ok We Heard You – ONYC® Color is Coming Soon!

So many of you have requested, time and again, for your favorite hair texture to be already color-treated. Well here it is!

We are preparing to bring color-treated hair in your favorite texture.

That’s right, your favorite texture – Virgin 1B, Body 2 Wavy, Curly Addiction 3B, Kinky Curly 3B-3C, Tight Kinky Curly 3C-4A!

But WE WANT TO KNOW, just what special hue you would wear right now.

Summer, and warm temperatures, are almost over for some of you but color is so much a part of who you are that you want to wear it all year round without the hassle of hair-dyes.
For other ONYC® Beauties it is bright and sunny at home all year round and you would like a lighter shade to match that mood.

So Tell Us! Email: prandmedia@onychair.com with the Hair Color number on the chart above which you would wear right now and we will be bringing a collection of the most requested hair colors to you very soon.

Please note that there are some limitations as there are some hair colors we will not be able to achieve in certain hair types.

We truly look forward to hearing from you. The excitement is growing worldwide and we can’t wait to bring this to you.






photo 1

Here Comes the ONYC® Bride!

Tonya Saunders is a proud ONYC® Veteran!

She’s been hooked on the ONYC® top quality brand  since 2009, when she first learned about ONYC® via hair blogs, she began to wear it.

Tonya even made a point to ensure that she obtained her ONYC® hair and had it expertly installed for her cherished nuptials last summer.

Below is more of Tonya’s story including in-depth specifications about her hair choice – ONYC® Mongolian Light Relaxed & Relaxed Perm.

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

ONYC® Status: ONYC® Grad!

Hair Specs:  ONYC® Mongolian Light Relaxed & Relaxed Perm

Installed by:  As a long time customer I was blessed to have ONYC® pro-stylist install my hair

How often hair is washed: Once every 1-2 weeks

Favorite way to wear the hair: Curled or flat ironed.

Duration of wear: About 3 months.

Must have ONYC Hair Essential: Demorin Smoothing Serum -After I flat iron, curl or blow dry my hair, I use a small amount of the Demorin Smoothing Serum to the ends of my hair.

photo 2 (3)

Why you love this hair: This hair has a beautiful/natural luster, soft, manageable and looks like real African American straighten hair.  No issues with tangling, matting or shedding.  The hair curls like a dream.  I have had many women and even hairstylists compliment how beautiful MY hair is.  When I share that I’m wearing extensions, I have heard over and over that it looks so natural.  Then I share that it because it is ONYC® hair…like no other.

Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair:
Treat the closures and hair like it is your own. Be gentle, do not abuse with styling tools and appliances and the hair can last a long time.  I have used a closure and hair for up to a year with no issues at all.

photo 3

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair:ONYC® hair is beautiful and very natural looking. 

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future: I will stick with my texture. Love it! 


You can be like Tonya and fall in love with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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Imagine You – Always Contemporary & Fresh

Time is undeniable and unavoidable. As time goes on, we realize that each stage of our lives is a season, just like the climate changes taking place. However it is important to make the best of each and every season. With that in mind, if you are enjoying the season past youth, or being a young adult, here are a few things to keep in mind to embrace your present season and remain contemporary and fresh. As depicted in the main photograph, Halle Berry has certainly tapped into some of these secrets, at 46 years old.




I. Bangs, Yes But Not Like Young Girls Have:

This refers to having bangs which go across the entire forehead and cover from both ends of your temples. You know, the ones that don’t blend in with the rest of your hair? Bangs like these are adorable and becoming of children but they don’t compliment a sophisticated and attractive adult. It is preferable to allow the hair to frame the face properly. Incorporate layers and a few curls, bring a few strands forward which frame the face well and tease hair for a tousled and alluring look. To enhance that tousled look also blend in some volume with extensions. A curly or straight look is ideal for this with the ONYC® Mogolian Kinky Curly Textures I Tip or Relaxed Textures I Tip.


II. Don’t Go Too Dark:

A drastic hair color can harden your look and even cause you to look somewhat harsh. Integrate a few highlights on top of your base color a few times a year. Also discretely, placing low-lights at the temples and roots of your hair will provide a soft yet charismatic lift. Which exact color is a personal choice, be sure to consult with an experienced colorist for further advice and valuable tips. *Remember that All of Our top-quality and virgin hair extensions can be colored to your heart’s content. So whether you prefer to go straight with our Light Relaxed Perm or Relaxed Perm hair, like the model in the photograph below, you can ramp up your hair fashion with color and volume.



III. Don’t Let Grey Roots Grow Too Long

You know how it is fashionable, these days, for the original roots to show with someone’s chemical hair color? It’s a trend…all the celebrities are doing it…well if your original roots are grey this may, or may not be an appropriate trend for you. If you can’t get to your hair stylist right away, there are various “Root Touch-Up” hair products (including root cover sticks)  which can be applied to the roots, it is a great idea to have one handy so that your grey will always be covered.



IV. Short, But Not Masculine Short

The truth is cutting your hair too short, resembling a guy’s, actually brings your age to the forefront. As we get older (or as the temperature heats up :)  ) there is a tendency to cut our hair tremendously short for manageability sake. However, before you perform the “big chop” have a conversation with your hair stylist about ways to maintain an attractive look without exorbitant or aggravating upkeep.  Short, short hair is not necessarily the solution.

Every season of life requires a particular game-plan(s) to continue to shine regardless of time or age. However, it is doable and can be fun in the process. It is all about identifying what suits you best. Consult a stylist and keep in touch with ONYC hair  to learn which approach you should take, from head to toe.

This is Your Season! Live It Well!
ONYC® PR and Media

uk rep (3)

ONYC Hair Is Now Available in the UK!

Beautiful UK faithfuls you asked for it and now it is here!

We appreciate how loyal you have been. You have hung in there with us determined to obtain what you know to be a Top Quality Hair product!

Thank you So Much for your continued support! Now there is no need to wonder, just reach out to our UK distributor Elsie Eweka at +447774610190 or email her at elsie@onychair.com, and all your Hair Needs will be met!


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